Saturday, 1 August 2015

A 'bunting' week

Quite a traumatic week on the 'techy' front which has caused me a few problems trying to write this blog!! 

Firstly I downloaded Windows 10, not without a few misgivings as to whether everything would change and of course it has!!  However though I don't know how to use all the features, which is par for the course for me, I have managed to get a few items back that I enjoy using, but it has changed the 'New Post' set up and I have at last got it back after pushing a few buttons.  Whether I will remember next time I am not so sure.

The second techy thing concerns my television package.  I felt I was paying too much for the TV, phone and broadband so got another quote from another company which was a great deal cheaper.  Back to current provider and after 30 minutes on the phone got it considerably reduced, plus a new box to go with the TV.  It arrived Thursday and I had to install it, once again with a few problems but it is now up and running and seems OK. 

But all these changes take time to sort out and a few more grey hairs are added to an already grey head!!

I looked forward to Friday's smocking class for some peace and quiet and I managed (with teacher J's help) to finish this Christmas bauble.

I still have another one to join up ....
I have learnt one lesson though; the fabric for these two is too thick to pull up easily, so always think about this when buying!

Here is another one to finish smocking....
172 pleats!!
Whilst I was at Poppy Patch for the class I did buy some fabric in the sale as I had had an idea.  If you read the Higham Piecemakers blog you will know that we are having an exhibition and there will be a sales table.  We are being exhorted to make 'stuff' and having been given a roll of tape, I was told  it was suggested that I should use it to make bunting.  So here we are:-
Four sets about 72" long (180cms) each
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
and this lovely set for a young musician with fabric from Friday -
Such fun fabric
Following my last post on the wool that I bought at Fibre East, here is an update.

The first sock showing the sole.  The other side has fancy stitches!!
After a few false starts and staying up until midnight to get it right, my first sock is now 4" long, but is quite hard work so for a little light relief I have started the Road Trip Scarf which grows very quickly.
My Road Trip Scarf
Anyway I shall take this with me next week when I fly off on my short break holiday.  Sorry dear readers, no blog until next weekend when I will reveal where I have been!!  So - watch this space.....


  1. I hate it when they "upgrade" techy things. They never seem to work as well as what you already had!
    The baubles are pretty, and I just LOVE that bunting - even if it was made "under pressure" ;

  2. Have to say you were extremely brave to upgrade to windows 10....... I am very impressed even though you may have had a few headaches long the way. Love the bunting, the road trip scarf is coming along and I those socks are going to keep your toes warm in the winter. Have a good break .