Wednesday, 12 August 2015

"In Dublin's fair city ...." continued

I had agreed with M that Day Three of my short break to Dublin would be spent on my own doing research.   So I duly caught the bus into the city, and with a few deviations, made my way to the National Archives and a short session with the genealogist.
The Custom House on the banks of the River Liffey
The Convention Centre (the glass building on the left leaning back)!
I loved the Convention Centre as it looks like a tin can pushed over.  Searched for Molly Malone's statue which has moved temporarily and arrived at the National Archives who were quite helpful. 
"Sweet Molly Mallone"
After that on to Christ Church Cathedral to see if I could find out anything about one of my Ancestors who was the Dean at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries.  A very helpful young man called Jonathan, from Stamford (not far from where I live!) took me behind the scenes to see if we could find his portrait.  Unfortunately not, but his name is on the list of 'Deans' by the front door.
Christ Church Cathedral

Why are all the buildings in which I am interested, always covered in scaffolding!!!!

My final visit after walking round the Castle and the sand sculptures, was to Trinity College, where I wanted to see the Book of Kells and the library.  Both were breath taking but packed with people, but I did manage to take this photo of the library.
Marble busts line both sides of the libary
Finally a walk back to the bus via O'Connell Street and the statue of the great man himself.

Daniel O'Connell's statue. 
The next day was our last and as our flight was not until late afternoon we decided to go for a walk from the top of the Hill at Howth Head down to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse in the distance
Waiting for friends to join us
Heather and gorse covering the cliffs
A short break at the lighthouse before the return journey  ......
The return journey!!  The children were not phased by this at all!! 

We couldn't get right to the lighthouse as it is privately owned, but it was a lovely walk, followed by lunch in a harbour side restaurant and a brief flight home.  What a lovely break and it has whetted my appetite to return.

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