Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blink and you would've missed me!!

I was on TV on Monday evening, but only on the local news and very briefly.  My hands were on longer than my face and I must admit that my companions and I thought we would end up on the 'cutting room floor'!!

But why?  Well I if you are a regular follower you may remember I went on an archaeological dig at Chester Farm last year and a few months ago they asked for members of the public to come along so I booked.
Locals to the farm will know that there has been considerable activity during the last few months, on the main, and very busy, A45 road as  trees were cut down, a new access slip road laid, and certain facilities connected and the workmen finished last Friday!!  The facilities included piped water, passed by the Water Board as adequate and therefore not for drinking, and electricity.  Still no loos, only portaloos, but this time separated for Men and Women - progress!!

We arrived for our Health and Safety briefing, Risk Assessment form filling and a talk about the site.  We were then advised that BBC Look East were coming to film for the local news in the evening.

As there were quite a few people this time I volunteered to wash pots and bones.  I am not allowed to show any bones on this blog so this is the nearest you will get -
Just in case we didn't know where the feet or hands were!!!

As it says my first bag was Ankle and Foot bones and note the egg tray- very useful to putting the damp bones in.

A brand new toothbrush for cleaning and a pair of rubber gloves.

The TV cameras filmed us cleaning the skeleton - my companion was cleaning a skull and jaw and got the lion's share - much more interesting than the ribs that I was cleaning and they had launched a drone to take overhead film.  We couldn't be seen as we were under the gazebo!!

After lunch we started on pottery and were mighty impressed by this enormous piece of storage pot.  You can see from the pattern that the four pieces all fit together.  I just loved handling these because we were told what all the pieces were for.  Some were small cups, others were for cooking and like the one above, some were for storage. 

However the pièce de résistance for me was this rather dull looking piece of pot -

It is a piece of an Iron Age (800BC - 43AD) pot and you can see minute pieces of oyster shell which may have come from our local rivers.

I am going back again next week for two days and will report back if there is anything more of interest.

I have managed to fit in a little crafty stuff -

My toe to top first sock progresses, though I must admit the pattern is not for the faint hearted or novice, and I have had to undo a few of the rows from time to time!

When I get tired of the sock I crochet a few rows for my Road Trip Scarf which grows much quicker and doesn't need so much thought!!

Over the weekend I made this Dolly bag with four pockets on the outside and in very bright colours.  This will be for the Bag-a-Bola at Higham Piecemakers Exhibition in September.  I might make another one with more muted colours as they are quite quick to make.

Finally I had to show off this beetroot that I had grown.  This year I decided to grow different coloured ones so bought a packet of mixed seed and this is the inside of the pink beetroot, with good flavour.  The white ones have good flavour and are not as strong as the red ones.
There are various ways to cook beetroot for a vegetable - boiled with their skins on and then remove the skin when cooked (use rubber gloves as they are hot) or in this case I scrubbed it really clean, sliced it and brushed with oil and baked in the oven.  This is quite quick.  I also roast them whole in their skins and of course they can be pickled or boiled and used in cakes.  I have also eaten them raw.  Deeelicious!


  1. I missed you on TV but glad you enjoyed the day. Socks and scarf are coming sling nicely, but beetroots look really yummy. I love beetroot and as you say it's not just fir the salad bowl .

  2. You have had a busy time. Love your crochet and knitting

  3. Fascinating finds and gorgeous Crafts, as ever! Love the beetroot, it also makes a great pink bread xx

  4. Fascinating finds and gorgeous Crafts, as ever! Love the beetroot, it also makes a great pink bread xx