Monday, 31 August 2015

Whether the weather be fine ...

Today is a Bank Holiday (public holiday) and as I lay in bed this morning I could hear the rain coming down!  Absolutely typical!!

I can remember when this was changed in 1965, from the 1st Monday in August to the last, "to extend the summer holidays"; I thought it was because the weather always seemed to be better at the end of August than the beginning, so I too, have learnt something.

This little 'anonymous' poem popped into my head:-

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not

A typical Brit poem - and the reason that the British are obsessed with the weather; never knowing.

So what to do on a wet Holiday Monday?  Well I have been lucky to have the whole weekend free and so I have been picking my 'crops' from my greenhouse and garden.
A good mixture

I have been picking figs from my tree which has always been prolific.  When I originally planted it, I dug a huge hole and put the stainless steel drum from an old washing machine in the ground and added compost.  Ever since it hasn't grown huge but twists and turns up to waist level with lots of figs, though sometimes difficult to find in the undergrowth.  The slugs and snails love them so I sometimes leave a ripe one for them so they leave the rest alone!!!
I have picked about 20 this year
This year I have grown six varieties of tomato, including a plum tomato, a sun baby (little yellow ones), Alicante, Ailsa Craig and one I can't remember!  The sixth is unusual and I thought I would try it out.
Sold as black and white on the same rootstock
The tomatoes are black initially and then go to green and finally red.  I am finding them slightly woolly in texture but the flavour is good.
Finally I am also growing peppers and aubergine n the greenhouse, though the latter are not ripening yet though I have plenty.
I am quite pleased with this and the flavour is good.

I have made Bolgnese sauce and this will be frozen -
All the vegetables used are either out of my garden or my 'Cambridge' allotment.

Guess what?

I have spent time ironing embroidery threads because I have started a new piece of smocking and teacher 'J' said that the threads would lie better and as usual, she is correct.

I will not tell you what this will be but it has been started.

It is more even than it looks and when it is finished the work will be blocked and the rows straightened out.

Oh and my toe to top socks are progressing - one made and about to turn the heel on the second.  The second has proved quicker of course, as I now understand the pattern, so it is just finding the time to finish them.


  1. Had a busy day cooking with your goodies.....can't wait to see the smocking.. hope to see the socks next time.

  2. Goodness Carol your garden has given you some bumper crops, but I am sure you worked hard to reap the benefits. Your smocking is looking good, don't worry too much about it not being straight, because as you smock you pull it out of shape....as you say once finished and blocked it will be perfect.

  3. I love picking the harvest from the garden! I love the dark background for your smocking!