Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Power of TV!!

Some weeks ago I picked up a leaflet about Gardens Open in aid of the British Red Cross with one in particular catching my eye.  This was the Fellows Garden, Clare College, Cambridge so I mentioned it to some friends who said they would like to go.  Then we heard that Monty Don would be featuring it on Gardeners World but I didn't really worry too much about it.

We arrived at the appointed hour to find queues stretching as far as the eye could see into the city itself.  Leaving the friends waiting, like all good Brits I joined the queue and discovered that thanks to Monty, who we all cursed for his advertising, most were there as a result of seeing the programme!!  But after about 20 minutes I arrived near the beginning and my friends joined me and we got into the garden.  It was worth the wait though and here are a few pictures that I took, which was quite difficult considering the crowds.
Back of the college
The River Cam was very busy with punters (pole on left)
The 'yellow' bed
Hot reds
The sunken pool
 Monty said that the sunken pool was built so that an eccentric 'fellow' could sleep under the stars!
Beautiful lilies
A beautiful Cardoon
A long queue at the tea tent which we chose not to join and we left, but well worth a visit and I hope that the British Red Cross made pots of money!  Thank you Monty, and I shall still continue to watch your programme!!!!

It seems to have been a week for 'visits' because my Bedford Tuesday looking after Will, was spent with another niece and five of my great nephews and a niece at Wrest Park where they were holding a day of Georgian Games for children.

We arrived in time for the Georgian history lesson -
where the crowd had to boo, hiss and cheer at the appropriate time, then off to try out 'Fox and Goose' (a strategy game), ten pin bowling (but only knocking down the centre pin), croquet and others.

After a picnic lunch (excellent), birthday cake (my niece's) covered with chocolate drops and Maltesers and filled with Smarties, we all needed a walk and the children played cricket to work off their energy and back to the café for a cup of tea.  A brilliant day, with Will having a complete melt down at the end as he was so tired, but OK by the time Mummy returned home.

Now for next week which is going to be fun but more of that later  ........

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  1. Where do you get your energy???? I cant believe how much you get up to in one week. Glad you managed to enjoy the gardens, shame that you missed out on the 'Tea; but you cant win them all. Picnic sounded wonderful.