Saturday, 8 August 2015

"In Dublin's fair city ...."

When my son, M, asked me if I would like to go to Dublin with his family I leapt at the chance and so very early (yes, 4.45am!) Tuesday morning I set off for London City airport and a very short and easy flight to Dublin.  Lovely little airport - easy to get to by train and DLR - and easy to check in.  No huge crowds, which I hate, but all the facilities.  They even fly to New York.  We were an hour late leaving but arrived in time for lunch with the family at the rented bungalow in Portmarnock, a short bus ride from Dublin. 

Afternoon was spent on the lovely sandy beach and before the tide came in we were able to look in rock pools and found this -
The bucket was green!!
The children built sandcastles or dug holes -
By the end the hole was so deep he was up to the red band!!
- swam
Teeth were chattering when she came out!!
and I went off to a local pub with some friends and though my son took a photo of me with a pint of Guinness, I only took a sip as I have never tasted it and probably won't again; not my tipple.

The next day M took his wife to the airport to catch the 7.00am flight to London as she had to go to work and she was at her desk before 9.00am!!

The weather was a bit cloudy and rain was forecast so we decided to go into Dublin on the bus.  Easy ride and I noticed how clean everywhere was, the gardens and houses were so well tended and we arrived close to the City Centre.  I was excited because my mother had told me a lot about the Irish side of the family and I know that the ancestors went to Ireland in the late 1600s and were Irish Protestants.  I know a little about Irish history and was so thrilled to be in O'Connell Street and the Post Office.
The Post Office
 It was from here in1916 that the Irish State was declared in the Easter uprising and there are still bullet holes in the columns.  My grandson was most impressed with these!!
Bullet holes above the line!
I had to take a picture of the Spire -

and loved this group of street entertainers - 

who thank you when you give them money - the Dalmatian is stuffed!  Granddaughter loved them all.

I have an old photograph taken in 1906 of a family group taken at 49 St Stephens Green so we went to look for the house, but something was wrong.  The front door was on the wrong side and so I marched in and asked why!!  Apparently the house was pulled down in the '60s, under protest, but the facade had to remain similar except for the front door.  The brickwork should have been red like next door which is an original.

49 is in the middle
The children had been brilliant so we spent some time in the play ground, had lunch, crossed back over the Liffey and went to the Leprechaun Museum where we heard about the folklore of Ireland with their fairies, leprechauns, giants and kings and beautifully told especially for the children.
The Ha'penny Bridge
To top off the day, my son and I went out in the evening for a meal whilst lovely friends did the babysitting.

Brilliant first day with more to follow ......


  1. You look like you have had a terrific hoilday

  2. Looks like you had a great time Carol

    Dublin is a lovely city