Saturday, 12 December 2015

Food, glorious food....

This week I seem to have spent all week at various eating events!!

Last Sunday was the final event of the year for the 50+ Adventure Club when we get together to play Indoor Bowls, followed by Christmas lunch and then back to our chairman's house for mince pies and mulled wine.
Pretty impressive technique!!
I have been going to this activity for many years and members of the bowls club always help us and yet I cannot get the hang of rolling the ball.  It is either too hard or too soft, but this year I did manage to stay in my lane, for the first time!  However it was a great get together.

Monday was all day embroidery with lunch in the middle and I did manage to do some more sewing.  It is coming on - honest!!
Finished the 4 leafed clover near my needle.

Everyone had been asked to take different items and we enjoyed a very good lunch.  I especially liked the mackerel pâté and did have second helpings.

Tuesday evening was the Christmas meal for the 50+ Committee and though I did not choose the venue, I had to organise it.  Excellent meal here - meal three!!

Nothing on Wednesday and Thursday thank goodness.

Yesterday was crochet group and we were meeting at L's house and she provided yummy fruit cake and sausage rolls - so here I go again, more food.  I had to leave early as I was entertaining in my own home in the evening, when my brother and sister and their spouses were coming.

For the first time ever I made a timing list because I had two new recipes to cook plus some Irish Soda Bread to bake.  This recipe is so easy to make and I always add some mixed seeds to give it a nutty flavour.  Small downside is that the only buttermilk I can get is only 250ml but add a little extra milk.  I also do a slightly larger cut on the top as it seems to rise better.  This bread does not keep longer than a day unless you toast it, so there is your excuse to eat it all up!!

The two new recipes were excellent and both came from Waitrose. Main course was Waitrose Sautéed Chicken with Cider and Lovage, except I could not get any lovage so had to substitute tarragon instead.  Martha's Mint Chocolate Christmas pudding was steamed and went down very well but was quite fattening I think!! 

BUT I had a panic when I realised that both of these dishes are cooked on the hotplate and I didn't have enough burners as I also had veggies to cook, so the chicken had to go in the oven on a low heat.

And now I am about to go and celebrate my grand-daughter's 6th birthday with a meal out in Cambridge.  I will show her present next week after the actual day.

Thank goodness for a food break before Christmas so I can slim down a little!!!!

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  1. You exhaust me just reading your posts, I am sure with all that running around there will be no need to cut out any food in the next few days. Your Embroidery is coming along nicely....do you have a plan for it? I loved your smocked dress, you should feel very proud of yourself. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2016