Sunday, 20 December 2015

The dress!!

This week has been the final preparations for Christmas and Ellie's 6th birthday.  I helped ice her birthday cake with the two colours of blue and the green for the top, apparently it is Neverland as the figures show!  Someone pointed out a dolphin swimming at the base -
Can you see the dolphin - an accident I assure you!

Ellie had lots of presents but she did love her dress and I managed to get a chance to take a quick photo -

It is a little large for her as I made it size 7, but I didn't want her to grow out of it too quickly, though my other daughter-in-law did say she would love it for her youngest who is only 4, nearly 5!!

Friday morning saw me out with the Nordic walking group for our Christmas walk and lunch afterwards.  We set off from the Bell Inn at Odell and walked through woods that in the spring are full of bluebells -

through Harrold Country Park, the village of Harrold and detoured down to edge of the river to see the mill race.
As you can see the river is running very fast and was quite high.

Back through the Country Park -
and a short walk back to the pub for lunch which was most enjoyable.  That was my last social get together before Christmas.

I have spent this weekend wrapping parcels (which I hate!!) that all seem to be unusual sizes and difficult to wrap, and with the final jobs to do; making mince pies (cancel Christmas if we don't have some of Mum's mince pies) and the icing of the cake tomorrow.

This will be my last post before Christmas as I am going away over the festive period to spend the holiday with all my family in Kent.  Can I wish everyone a happy Christmas wherever you are and have a lovely time.  I will report back before the New Year.


  1. I spotted the dolphin! Love the cake, and the dress too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. See you next year !!!!
    Merry Christmas X

  2. Love the cake and the dress is beautiful, so pleased she loved it too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, look forward to seeing you in 2016 X X