Monday, 28 December 2015

It's all over - Part 1

How quickly the Christmas holiday went and what a brilliant time I have had.  This year I was in Kent with Eldest Son (ES) and his family.  We were joined by Younger Son (YS) who came from Cambridge with his family and what a happy group we were.  I love these family get togethers.
So many presents

On Christmas Eve we all went to the Crib Service at the town church and stockings were laid out for Father Christmas, as he was tracked over the sky, and I cooked the supper for everyone; children earlier and adults later.

Christmas Day went by in a blur of church in the morning, food, drink, presents, more food and drink and finally an excellent board game called Logo which was huge fun to play and even the children took part.

On Boxing Day YS and family were leaving to go and spend time with his mother in law and I went into town with ES to see the Ashford Valley Hunt ride down the High Street.  You may or may not approve of hunting with dogs, but it is a spectacular sight.  They rode into town and stopped at one of the pubs where the hounds were taken away to keep them quiet and the riders had a 'dram'. 

Then off down the High Street at great speed -
One of the huntsmen

The 'followers'
At the end they turn round and come back at a fast trot with everyone turning out to watch -
A small pack of Basset Hounds who were loving it.
I have no idea where they go after this but I assume hunting!

After lunch we went out for a walk around Appledore which is a really delightful town with some lovely old houses.  We walked beside the Royal Military Canal -

and the children enjoyed themselves getting wet and muddy.

Inspecting the mile post - 13 miles to Hythe
We climbed a small hill and enjoyed the view - 
A new vineyard on the left

and then back over the fields to Appledore, as the sun was beginning to set behind the houses on the skyline.

I have to say at this point that I had caused consternation when I fell off climbing a stile and landed in the mud.  I have never done this before but it was very muddy and slippery; I much prefer the more friendly kissing gate where we all kissed each other as we passed through and which the children love and can manage on their own.

So Boxing Day came to an end, with slightly less food and drink and a resolution by me to try and reduce my waistline!! 


  1. So glad you had such a good Christmas. Hunts are always spectacular.....men in red jackets etc. etc. Sorry to hear about your fall, hope there are not to many bruises.

    1. Only thing hut was my pride!! No bruises thankfully.

  2. It's so lovely to have all the family together. I love to see the hunt meet, and so good to let the wind blow the festive fog away !