Friday, 1 January 2016

It's all over - Part 2

My apologies for the delay in posting the second half of my Christmas update, but New Year has got in the way and I also have a birthday after Christmas. 

Can I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that 2016 is a good one for you.  Personally, I find even numbered years better than the odd numbers but maybe that is an illusion!!

Anyway for my last day in Kent we went for a walk on Camber Sands, which on a hot summer's day is usually packed with people, but when we went the tide was coming in and nearly high.  Not only that there was a hoolie (a strong wind) and certainly on our walk out we were walking into the wind, so I couldn't even wear the new hat I was given for Christmas.  It would have blown away.

Walking through the dunes
Rough looking sea
However as we walked along the beach

 we started to see these - at least six though it may have been more -
An orange ..
only a couple of these -
.. a lemon ..
a couple of these -
..  an onion ...

and finally
.. a cabbage ..
Where did they come from?  We decided that someone may have lost their Christmas fruit and vegetable order overboard as they were all in quite good condition, including the cabbage, considering how rough the sea was!!
Anyway the rest of the walk was spent with heads down beachcombing to see what we could find.  Plenty of lovely shells, including razor clams, a huge dead crab, flotsam and  jetsam that we humans throw away and land up in the sea and youngest granddaughter found a children's spade sticking out of the sand and took it home for the sandpit.
We rounded the walk off with delicious hot chocolate at the Farm Shop and so my Christmas holiday came to end.  It was lovely while it lasted but it went so fast.
I babysat in Cambridge for the New Year and B, Ellie and I sat up quite late watching DVDs and when I did go to bed before midnight I was woken up by fireworks.  How inconsiderate!!!!
No new year resolutions for me except to eat more sensibly as I still feel porky and take more exercise using my new hat which I love.  I can't wear a wool beanie because a) it doesn't suit me and b) wool makes my head itch; but this is very stylish.

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  1. We have spent many happy hours when our children were young on Cambet sands beach, but never did we find the fruit and veg bonanza. Love your hat.