Friday, 15 January 2016

Cold, cold, cold

Having had reasonably mild weather for the time of year it was quite a shock to get very cold weather yesterday and that was the day I was out in it.

Let me explain. 

Last August I went on an archaeological dig at Chester Farm and just before Christmas I received an email to say that if I wanted to, I could volunteer to go on a dig this week.  However there would be tour of the site if anyone was interested.  I declined the 'dig' (far too cold for me), but accepted the visit and that is why I was outside yesterday.  The wind whipped across the site and all my extremities got colder and colder, but I did manage a few photos.
Last year's dig all covered over for the winter
Looking towards the site of the Roman walled town

We were told that the timetable for 2016 was going to be different because major building work was starting on the site in the early summer and as with all major planning of this type,  archaeological digs had to be undertaken to ensure that there were no major finds likely to be uncovered.  Hence all the open ditches around the farm site.
The barn is coming down so a trench has been dug - nothing there!
The floor of an old Victorian cottage


This is a Roman pit (you can see the round shape disappearing under the concrete) with some finds already bagged up.

and I am holding part of a Roman lock.  How exciting.

We were lucky enough to thaw out in a warm hut, but I was glad to get home as it was so cold.  I may be able to do some digging or associated work in the Spring when it is warmer.

I have a free weekend so I will be concentrating on sewing, but not before an engineer is due to see why my washing machine has gone wrong.  Last week the spin cycle was raucous and when I opened the door smoke poured out and I haven't used it since.  The engineer was due on Tuesday last and never turned up so I was hopeful for today - pause - he has just been and gone and new part is needed that will be fitted next Tuesday - hopefully!!

In the meantime I had a notice through the door that my road would be closed today for 'highway improvements' .  Why?  I have driven on worse roads than mine complete with potholes etc.  Anyway I went out very early to do my weekend shopping and by the time I got back they were working!!
Lots of men working  .....
Lots of lorries and equipment  ....

Removing the top tarmac
and now they have stopped for lunch!  I am sure it will be finished in time with the quantity of men and machinery but I am still not sure why!!!!.

PS They were quite interested when I told them I wrote a blog and that is why I needed the photos and not for any other reason like Health and Safety, inconvenience etc!!

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  1. HaHa ! I bet they thought you were going to complain about something! That's a guilty conscience!