Monday, 11 January 2016

Blue is the colour,

football is the game etc

Yes I am Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play Scunthorpe in the 4th round of the FA Cup and what memories it brought back to me.  My husband and I started our 'courting' years coming here, long before the development of the new stands when there were terraces and we were crammed in for big matches.  He was a member of the Chelsea Youth team, but when he got to sixteen they said he wasn't good enough to go into the top teams so he left and carried on his football at Wimbledon, then an amateur team.

So you can see that Chelsea played a huge part in his sporting life and he was a lifelong supporter and I suppose by default, I am, and we brought up our two sons to be supporters as well.

However I haven't been back since he died 10 years ago and so it was a very emotional experience for me.  The other big change is that we had my 10 year old grandson with us so the pre-match experience was completely different; no longer in the pub for the pre-match pints and afterwards to avoid the crowds.  We sat in the family enclosure right down at pitch side, instead of being high up in the stands and it gave a completely different view of the game.
Supporters shirt.  I dusted down my scarf!!

Warm up on the pitch

Then out the teams came.  The first half was all down the other end of the pitch with Scunthorpe defending, though Diego Costa did score a goal for Chelsea (1-0), but we need another!!

Second half started and with sod's law and having changed ends, Scunthorpe started attacking, so once again it was all down at the other end of the pitch.  Suddenly Chelsea were attacking and down our end, and having brought on 19 year old Ruben Loftus-Cheek, he scored the 2nd goal

and Chelsea were now up 2-0!!  Brilliant and we left 2 minutes before the end so that grandson was not squashed in the rush for the Underground trains.

A really brilliant day and memories of the ups and downs of being a supporter of a Football Club.

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  1. My son has always supported Chelsea, and the last time he came to visit he took His son and Mr D along for the first match of the season and Mr D couldn't believe the change in the stadium and supporters. Glad you had a good time