Monday, 29 September 2014

A weekend in the Derbyshire Peaks

I have just returned from a long weekend in the Derbyshire Peak District with two friends where we stayed in Tideswell in a very well appointed cottage owned by a friend of mine - end of advertisement!!

We had the most glorious weather the whole weekend, though the mornings were a little chilly. Our first stop on the way was at Chatsworth, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, but we only chose to tour the gardens.  We thought the estate would be closed following the recent death of the Dowager Duchess, but though the flag flew at half mast all was as usual.  They had a display of modern sculptures as well as their permanent ones.

Loved this one!!

On the way to the vegetable garden

Of course their cascade and fountain are world famous and and work entirely by gravity!

Saturday morning was spent in Matlock Bath and we went up the Heights of Abraham in a cable car with some serious views over the surrounding countryside.

On the way down!!
By the time we got to the bottom we needed lunch and found a restaurant where they served small adult portions for only £4.50 - looks like full size to us including the salad.  We struggled to finish this small adult portion!!  However we were able to sit outside in the sun.

Following lunch we headed back to Tideswell but were side-tracked by an embroidery shop and 'Heirs and Graces' a quilt shop with a huge selection of fabrics and a workshop in progress.  We admired their work and chatted, but I regret we didn't buy anything.  On to Cauldwell Mill for a look round and tea, and then I got lost!!  My friends are not map readers so I was driving and map reading and mistook the signs for Ashford in the Water for Ashbourne and found I was travelling South instead of North!!  I corrected myself after 20 minutes or so, turned round and headed back the correct way.

Sunday was hot, hot and getting hotter.  The whole world seemed to be out cycling, walking or motor biking.  I have never seen so many motor bikes as we did in Matlock and again on the road Sunday.  We eventually found the Monsal Trail which is an old railway line used by everyone it seemed.  We were walking and dodging bikes, both adults and children, dogs, and walkers, though we all agreed that the best was when we saw a 'Granny' in a wheelchair sitting on a platform in front of a bike being pedaled by a younger man, who could have been a son/grandson. There is hope for us oldies to get out and about!!  She was enjoying herself as well!!
Big skies from the Monsal Trail

Following this we headed for Bakewell for a Sunday lunch, and no, we did not have a Bakewell pudding or tart.  Too many calories.  Retail therapy beckoned and then we headed back to cottage for a well deserved rest.

BUT just as we headed back to the car in Bakewell, we saw this chap who was completely oblivious to the crowds on the bank of the river, less than 6 feet from him:- 
A grey heron

Oh and this was a sign that Autumn is on the way - 
Wonderful colours


  1. So glad you had a great weekend, you certainly managed to get to see and do lots

  2. Great weather to enjoy the weekend with. Looks like you packed lots in. May have something to show you.......