Sunday, 7 September 2014

Helping Out!!

Friday evening found me at Poppy Patch as I was going to assist in setting up a Quilting and Patchwork Show in the Methodist Hall, Great Doddington.  Having loaded all the quilts, table runners, bags, cushions and assorted other items in to Lesley's car we went down to the hall where Mr T was waiting with all the display stands loaned from Higham Piecemakers.  It took us about 2 hours to set up the display, having to take account of the space and the ubiquitous 'Health and Safety' ensuring no-one tripped over the stands or anything else hazardous.

By the time I got home I definitely needed the darkened room and a glass of something alcoholic.  It was hard work.  I had been asked to provide two quilts:-
'Quilt as you go' front or is it the back?
The same quilt  .....  
'Quilt as you go' back or is it the front?
What I like about this is that the pattern is the same front and back but by using different fabrics and colours you get a different effect.  I only bought one fabric for this (the light coloured one) the rest came from my stash, which is still pretty excessive!!  A Jan Shepherd workshop.

My second offering  ...
I love my 'seminole' quilt which I made at another of Jan's workshops at Poppy Patch.  I added an extra row because I got row 4 wrong and had to do it again (row 2 is correct) but I couldn't waste it, so added it in.

I also took along my star quilt ...
I have shown this before
and this rucksack that is so useful. 

 I have adapted this pattern from Susan Briscoe's 21 Sensational Patchwork Bags.  I put the zip on the inside so it was more secure when I carried my money and added a small pocket inside the bag, so "Granny has her lipstick" with her at all times.  If you like making bags this is a 'must have' purchase.

This blog has more information about the exhibition.  Yesterday I went back to the hall to help take the exhibition down and it only took 45 minutes before everything was back to normal!!  Still needed something alcoholic when I got home!!

Next week we will be setting up a display as part of Finedon church's Flower Festival whose theme will be "Till the Boys Come Home".  So thought provoking in these troubled times.

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  1. Is that where have been going wrong? I very rarely have a tipple these days. Maybe I should use it a my pick me up. I love the backpack - such a useful shape.