Monday, 1 September 2014

What is that??!!

I went Nordic Walking this morning and got a little damp as it started to rain while we were out. We walked through Stanwick Lakes and on the way saw this family -

Mum and Dad and six almost grown cygnets
whom we have seen before but with eight small babies.  They have done well to raise six, and the parents were still very attentive especially when two of them went off to the reeds.  Notice one of the parents going to round them up.  When we came back they had all gone.

I noticed this peculiar piece of sculpture and though it had a name I can't remember what it is called.
From different angles

Anyway we progressed on our walk and this was the next 'art' installation:

Notice the parallel lines in the distance
This is it from the other side of the installation. 

The path we were walking on used to be the old railway so this is very evocative of the old lines.  Very funny and someone had actually tried to walk on the 'sleepers' laid on the lake; well I suppose there is always one who has to try!!

It was now raining quite hard so we only walked about 4.25 miles today, but as this is done at quite a fast pace it is good for us.

Seeing these art installations has reminded me that this caught my eye and makes me laugh every time I see it.  Very clever and well executed.

Brilliant piece of topiary and very jolly!
Suddenly I have a very busy month ahead, though I have been working very hard on the my son's King size bed quilt. 

Spent the whole of the weekend quilting it, 'in the ditch', which was hard work.  I have said in previous posts it is so big I cannot work on it as a whole, so I am sewing it in quarters and will join them using 'quilt as you go' methods, which I will explain in my next post when I have worked it out myself!!

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  1. Nice to see that the rain did not put you off! Keep up the hard work with the quilting.