Thursday, 25 September 2014

Online learning

Firstly my apologies for the delay in blogging but I have not had time; another full-on week and I had to schedule time to make a cake.  What is happening - I am supposed to be retired!!

There may not be any photos with this post though something may come to mind!!

Sometime ago I went on holiday to Northumberland and whilst there saw friends and had great food and lots of chat.  One of them knows I love history and mentioned that she was starting a new online learning course about Hadrian's Wall, how it was built and the history of the Romans who built it.  So I signed up for it (it is free) and anyone still can if you wish and I received the first weeks reading/viewing/discussion this week.  It is so interesting and I have learnt an awful lot in this opening session.  I also put in my opinions as well in the discussion forums and was delighted when some people 'Liked' what I said.  There was mention of Twitter but I don't, and have no intention of starting 'Twittering'!!

The only problem with the course is that I now want to go to Hadrian's Wall and Vindolanda where they are still excavating and finding the most fascinating artefacts, including Roman shoes!!!  The Romans first arrived in Britain in AD43 and stayed for about 400 years and at this particular site they built layer upon layer of buildings during the time they were around, never clearing the ground and leaving everything in place and it is because of the anaerobic nature of this that all these items have been preserved. I thought the pieces of Roman roof tile that I have were brilliant but shoes!!!  Incredible.

I have just returned from my U3A Handicrafts group meeting where we had half a day making items for the sales table that we will be having in October.  I am making little tree decorations and did wonder whether I could count my time and charge £100 for it as it has taken me so long to make, .  After falling off their chairs laughing it was decided that about £3.50 would be right.  I find this outrageous, because there were some lovely items being made by everyone, that would be sold for practically nothing.  People in my town expect something well made, by hand, for practically nothing, especially patchwork items and they have no conception of the price of fabric and we can never charge for our time when it is selling for charity.  Sorry, rant over.

A small tree decoration 
Work in progress but lovely fabric
The blanket is progressing slowly especially as I spent all of last weekend undoing four rows that I had done wrong.  Anyway here it is measuring 10 inches now with 300+ stitches to crochet in each row.
Love the bobble row but must make it wider next time.
I am off to charge my batteries over the weekend and there is no internet so I feel that my right arm will be missing but lots to report on next week, though busy all week - again.

Oh and by the way, you may have noticed that there are now advertisements on my blog. Every time you click on one I get paid and 'Yes' I do have an accountant who will set me up with the tax people!!  Nothing underhand here.


  1. the blanket is coming on really well!
    That course look interesting... can I fit 4 hrs a week in??....

    1. It is very time consuming already especially as I had to do it in a day as I have been so busy and away for the weekend.