Thursday, 28 August 2014

Readers, I succumbed ....

Quite a busy week but before I explain why I succumbed let me update you on my week.

On Tuesday it was Cambridge day but this time I had both grandchildren with me so it was very full-on.  We went out for the normal cup of coffee and a shared bun and then followed this with a visit to the local garden centre, as I needed more bird food.  This place is wonderful because it has a group of very large bird cages with various parrots in.  They screamed with laughter when they said to one 'hello' and it said 'hello' back and this particular bird loved having it's neck tickled.  Not recommended to put your fingers in the other cages in case they bite, but this one didn't!!  The fish section followed and I indulged them by buying a bag of fish food and they loved watching the swirling mass of either goldfish or koi carp as they were fed in the various tanks.  Some of the bigger ones are glass fronted so ideal for the littlies to see.Then of course we had to find 'Nemo', which was quite difficult as there are so many variations of the clown fish, in all their fish tanks.

After an early lunch we caught the bus into town, as we were going to the University Museum of Zoology currently housed in the Whipple Museum.  My grandson (aged 8) wants to be a zoologist "because I like animals", so this visit was a must and they were having a children's day, looking at various insects, colouring paper butterflies and cutting out pictures of leaf insects.  Grandson found a model of a human body with removable parts and we had great fun trying to get everything packed back in properly.  I couldn't get the liver back in, whichever way I turned it, but eventually grandson had to take over to complete it correctly - "just below the heart Granny and beside the stomach"!!  How silly of me not to know.

This afternoon I have been on a trip to Doc Martens factory to see how their shoes and boots are made and to hear about the history of the company.  I have never been in a shoe factory before and yet my own town and the towns all around were built on the shoe trade, including some well known names - Grensons, Church, Barkers.  This was a fascinating visit especially when we were told where their factory shop was.  I nearly bought a pair of pink shoes but they were too big - what a shame, but I know where the shop is now and might go another time.

But I have succumbed, not to some dread disease, though it could be - compulsive woolaholic. I went onto the blog of Attic24 and there was her Coast Ripple Blanket and I bought the packet of wool that she made it with.  Why do I want more wool?  Only because I am going to make a blanket, using different techniques which Lovely J at our crochet club will assist me with.  Strictly speaking it is not wool, but acrylic, so I am using the term generically, before all the proper 'wool' people start chasing me.
Lovely colours
I love Stylecraft
What was even better was I ordered online one day and it was delivered the next day - what service from Wool Warehouse!!  So watch this space in about a month as I must finish crotcheting the cardigan that I started last winter; shouldn't take long as I am on the last sleeve and it is beginning to get a cooler,so I shall need it.


  1. At least you are doing the hooking, I succumbed a few weeks ago and it is all still in the packet!! I keep telling myself - before the winter- we will see!