Thursday, 7 August 2014

Family time

Again I was not required for Granny duties on Tuesday in Cambridge because M, my younger son, was having a weeks holiday, but I had to go over there as I needed my fresh vegetables and I had to weed and plant and couldn't wait another week.  M had taken the two children to the dentist and they came back with the 'All Clear' though 8 year old grandson was told to brush a little harder!  "But I do Granny, I do, and it's not fair as Daddy brushes Ellie's teeth!"

I had waited for the children to come home as I need to put compostable matter on the compost heap that I had covered with black polythene.  Last time I lifted it there were grass snakes as it is a lovely warm spot for them to lie, but unfortunately the only thing we saw was a little shrew. However grandson was really excited when I found the sloughed skin of a snake on the heap!! 
"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye"
(Apologies to Oklahoma!!)
Still need the black netting round the corn as the Muntjac would just trample it down to get at the cobs that are developing nicely.  This netting has a very small mesh as it used to prevent Cabbage White butterflies getting on the brassicas and I discovered a grass snake caught in netting with a bigger mesh.  Luckily it was still alive and I released it after showing the children.  Grass snakes have the distinctive yellow band round the neck and are NOT poisonous.

Whilst grandson helped me to plant leeks (he made the hole with my dibber) M started to tidy up the grapevine that we had pruned and tied back in the spring.  A previous person had planted a very invasive bamboo in the garden, and it has come up all over the place and with great force.  To me it seemed worse than Japanese Knotweed as it had grown under some thick matting under the swings and had lifted it with its growing force.  Dreadful stuff and impossible to kill.  Bindweed was everywhere and grandson was most upset when it was cut back - "but Granny it has lovely flowers" - he will learn!!
Looking tidier
Everything growing well.
I have had more time to sew lately and I made this Sweet Treat bag as a birthday present for my great niece.  I used 10" full width of fabric and a couple of quilting lines to hold it together, rather than strips.
Stuffed with little presents that girls love hence the odd shape!
I have completed alphabet bunting for baby Will and will show you a photo when it has been put up "after the builders have left!"

I have started to sew the quilt using the Oakshott Fabric that I bought last week but it is going to be some time before this is completed and I shall not be posting photos for a while.  

Remember this:-

Well things are progressing and a photo will be forthcoming shortly!!


  1. In with the in crowd are we? The garden is looking good Carol, worth the hard work.

    1. Removed link as it had my name!! How silly of me.