Monday, 11 August 2014

"Hurricane Bertha"

What can you do on a Sunday, when the tail end of Hurricane Bertha is sitting over the UK and the rain is a deluge??  Well sewing of course!!

And that is what I did all day yesterday. I finally cut up and sewed together the final 130 rectangles which will make up Cambridge son's king size bed quilt using the Oakshott Fabrics that I bought two weeks ago.  I have made about 200 9½" x 4½" rectangles and I spent the afternoon laying them out on my bed ensuring that each one matched its neighbour and then deciding how to sew them together - in strips down the bed or strips across the bed.  Honestly, it does make a difference!  It was such an intense task that when other son phoned and ask whether we could do a Skype call I had to say 'no' as I was in quilt mode and my brain was working overtime checking everything.  I hope there are people out there who understand what I mean!!

I have some rectangles left over and they must be used up, but that decision will be made after I have tried the strips on their bed.  So that is the task for tomorrow and I am sure that Ellie will help me.  I promise photos will be forthcoming but there is nothing really much to show at the moment.

Do you remember this?

Well here it is!

Colour not too good in this photo
I love Lucy's blog at Attic24 and have decided to make her Christmas wreath. Well the ring is covered and I have started to make all the little things to add to it. Do I use this Bower Bird or do I make another one?  I can't make up my mind, but anyway you can't have just one, there must be two to keep each other company!!
The colour is better in this one.
Most of the members of Higham Piecemakers have agreed to make an angel for the Angel Festival at St Mary's Church in November.  We will all be using the same pattern but I shall use my own fabric which I bought at Poppy Patch on Friday in their Christmas fabric sale.

Must remember to have the hearts the right way up!!
Making dolls is not my forté but I don't think the pattern is too difficult as the angel has no legs, therefore needs no knickers!  Question - what do you call a group of 80 angels?  A 'host' or possibly a 'flight' is the correct terminology but I don't feel Higham Piecemakers 'Angels' could really be called that.  What about a' hanging'?  Well they will be hung as they have no legs (therefore no knickers!) to stand on- duh!!

PS - thunder and lightening still overhead 36 hours after the start of the storm.  Come on it is SUMMER here; I should be sitting on the patio, under an umbrella to keep the sun off, sipping something thirst quenching and probably alcoholic!! Still it is the school holidays, so I should know better after all these years.


  1. That wreath is so colourful! and Yes - more birds! That red fabric will make a lovely angel

  2. Wreath is wonderful .Angle fabric very nice .You are getting on with Christmas. Still it is only 20 more Fridays or is it 19