Thursday, 14 August 2014

An unexpected lunch out

As the builders have moved out the bunting in Will's room has been put up - well for the time being, because as you can see it looks a little squashed!  It may go into his playroom where there is more room.

My niece, J, invited me over to see her house now that the builders have left, and of course I wanted to see the baby, who is 6 months old and delightful.  He eats well and I had a chance to feed him.  He is very active, trying to move about on his floor mat, rolling over occasionally and trying to get his knees under himself..  

I was then invited to lunch at her sisters, C, who has also had builders, so I looked round her house and then the third sister, L, arrived with her own children and C's children + L's mother in law over from New Zealand and a really fun lunch party ensued.  The children, sitting outside, ate vast quantities of hot dogs whilst the adults, sitting inside, had delicious home made quiche, salads and other lovely yummy things.

L and C had done what my sister and I used to do way back in the 70's.  They had taken each other's children for a period to give each other a break.  My sister and I did this for a week at a time and I was told yesterday that the girls thought it was to give them a holiday, but in fact my sister and I were giving each other a holiday!

I have just bought a pom pom maker to make some for my Christmas Wreath because I am too lazy to make them on card!!  It was probably a mistake as I had to go to Poppy Patch to buy it and they have a special offer on Batiks at the moment so I had to get some and then my eyes fell on this wonderful fabric:

- so I bought a metre as I know what I am going to make with it, but not for a little while, so don't ask!

The king size bed quilt is beginning to take shape slowly, but as I am going to quilt it myself and I don't have a long arm quilter, I will be doing 'quilt as you go' in sections, so it takes a great deal of thought.  My brain is not used to all this work and I spend most of the time talking to myself to ensure it is correct.  No photos until it is finished and on my son's bed!

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  1. The bunting looks great! Enjoy making your pom-poms x