Monday, 25 August 2014

Trying to make perfect seams!

Do you remember last month I bought some fabric for a King size bed quilt, well I am on the way to making the top. I have decided to quilt it myself as I do not have a longarm quilter and it would be too expensive to have it quilted professionally.  In order to be able to cope with the size I will make it in quarters and then 'quilt as you go'. I am still thinking how to do this as I don't want it to show on the top, but I have ideas!!

The rectangles have been sewn in strips and each strip has been labelled so that I know what I am sewing in order to keep the pattern of blocks, but importantly I must ensure that the seams are as near perfect as I can get.  This was brought home to me when I made this wall hanging -

- and all the diamonds had to match exactly, but of course I found the answer on the internet.  Isn't this the most wonderful invention; at the click of a button there is the answer to everything.  It is just up to you how you use it!!

Forgive me if I am preaching to the converted but this is the method that I am using on this new quilt.
You find the sewing line on both pieces being sewn and pin.  Then pin either side.  Note the way the pins lie because they can be left in place when you sew and the fabric does not move and they can be removed easily as the sewing machine goes over the top.
Even though the seams are not being sewn flat the pins still stay in place and this is the finished neat seam.  The technique is time consuming but is worth it to get a neat finish.

Pleased with the seams

Sorry this is all you are going to see of the quilt at this stage and the colours do look a bit washed out;  they are much brighter than this.  I still cannot master my camera after all this time.

Well, the rain is pouring down and the family are away having a Bank Holiday get together with all their cousins in a very large house somewhere near Aldeburgh in Suffolk, so no excuses to get sewing.  Well, perhaps I ought to vacuum first as there is a layer of dust on the furniture and threads from the quilt fabric on the carpet and I really cannot ignore it any longer!!  Oh and my embroidery is still not finished and we start classes in two weeks; get going woman!!


  1. You are never to old to learn a new trick Carol. Rain is always a good excuse to sew!

  2. Yep! Those posh pins come in handy sometimes. I didn't mind the rain, but the cold was not fun.....roll on some more sunshine