Sunday, 3 August 2014

Another adventure!!

Last weekend was a gentle activity on a canal with the 50+ Adventure Club, but this weekend I had organised a 'London Experience' that was a little more demanding.  Over 40 of us boarded the coach very early on Saturday morning and we headed for the O2 at Greenwich because we were going to be climbing the Dome.  Oh we were so lucky with the weather, with a few showers on the way, but when we reached London the sun came out and we had super weather for the climb.  It was challenging to start with, going up at an angle of 30 degrees which seemed almost vertical from the ground.
The first part of the climb (and the same angle to come down the other side!)
The last part of the climb taken from the top
The views from the top were spectacular with the River Thames stretching out all round the Dome on its peninsula.
Canary Wharf across the river
Looking down river to Greenwich and Thames barrage
Coming down was also challenging as we had to 'put the brakes on' to do the last part at an angle of 30 degrees and my thigh muscles feel a little stiff today!!  What a sense of achievement though.

We then split up to 'do our own thing' so after lunch my friends and I went up the Emirates Cable Car and once again, wonderful views of London from a different perspective.

Again down river towards the barrage 
Royal Victoria Dock
 In the photo above you can just see City Airport runway in the distance and there is a very large private boat moored to the left of the picture; wish it was mine!!

I think this photo sums up our day - Canary Wharf in the background, the O2 that we had climbed in the morning, the River Thames sweeping round the peninsula and Thames Clippers in the foreground, which others in our group used to get to Greenwich.

A full day out!!

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  1. What a wonderful day.Photo's great.See you Friday, crochet will be very relazing after Sunday