Thursday, 31 July 2014

A day out

I was not required for Granny duties in Cambridge on Tuesday as the family have gone on holiday, so very early in the morning I set off for Gloucester.  Why, you may ask?

My 'Cambridge' son and daughter in law have asked me to make them a king size bed quilt in time for next winter, so having got some ideas of the colours and having agreed to the pattern I wanted to make, I decided to go to the fabric supplier rather than try and purchase over the Internet, as I still like to see and handle the fabric.  There was a second reason; my late husband and I lived in Gloucestershire for 11 years before moving just over the border into South Wales, in all a total of 25 years, so it always feels that I am going home.  I always travel through the Cotswolds to get there and the countryside was looking particularly lovely and the sun shone all day.

I arrived above Gloucester, at Birdlip, and decided I had take a photo to show you the view of the city and the River Severn, though it doesn't do it justice as I could see the Cathedral in the middle of the landscape and May Hill on the horizon.

I drove down the hill to Oakshott Fabrics on Gloucester Business Park, who were very welcoming and simply couldn't do enough for me, including providing me with a drink of water after a very thirsty drive!! I knew the size of the quilt and I took the pattern with me, but I am clueless about how much fabric I should use to make it; however they sorted me out with the colours and I also bought a couple of extra packs as well, as quilters do!  The fabrics are 100% cotton, made in India, using different weft and warp threads that give a shot silk like quality to the fabric.  My photos do not do justice to these fabrics.   I am not sure what to make with the striped fabric, but inspiration will come no doubt.
Can't wait to get going!!
The designer even walked me to my car.  What service and thanks for your help!!  Oakshotts will share a stand at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in August and were busy getting ready for the show.

My next stop was in Hereford, but before I went shopping I popped into the Cathedral to see the Mappa Mundi, the Chained Library and the Magna Carta.  I have been to the town before but never visited this lovely Cathedral, so I looked round, listened to an organ recital taking place and had lunch in their cafe.

Next stop was Doughty's, which has three shops all very close to each other - their wool shop (which I resisted!) but did buy some buttons, their dress fabric shop (I bought some iron-on vilene) and finally their patchwork shop.  I bought wadding (batting) and the backing for the new bed quilt and here again they were getting ready for the Festival of Quilts.  But even though they were busy, they too, were very helpful. 

I felt very tired, but triumphant, when I eventually got home after a 3.5 hour drive.  So now let me get down to some sewing.

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  1. You got a lot done in one day....what speed were you travelling?