Friday, 4 July 2014

Sand and seafood

The short break with friends continues and the weather has been kind to us.  Glorious sunshine as we walk the dogs on Sugar Sands in the early morning and only meeting other dog walkers. My photos do not really do it justice as it is completely unspoiled with a bay of golden sand with blue sea gently lapping.  Plenty of sea birds, larks, sand martins, herons and shelduck and the occasional fisherman dealing with his lobster pots.

One small 'Westie' enjoying the sea!!

The evening before we had been to our favourite fish restaurant, Craster Restaurant, which is part of Craster's famous kipper smokehouse.  The smell of the oak smoke permeated the village when we arrived and we met friends, caught up with their news, ate fresh seafood and the sun shone as it went down over the village.  An idyllic evening.
View of the harbour from the restaurant window
Another favourite walk with the dogs is Boulmer Harbour, with its fishing boats, dune walking and wonderful wild flowers.  We saw Common Orchids, that maybe 'Common', but they were exciting for us!  A slightly grayer day, but the wind was warm as it was blowing from the South. A pair of Shelduck with about 8-9 tiny ducklings, swam from the beach as we approached and the little ones were bobbing about on the sea.  I would loved to have taken a picture but my camera is not up to it.

All good things come to an end and we will be going home in a day.

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