Tuesday, 15 July 2014

At last - time for crafts!

These last few weeks have been particularly busy and so I am pleased to be able to find some 'me' time and sit down to make something.

Last week my Wednesday evening patchwork group had their monthly project session and we were making boxes.  I have to say that I love boxes and I have five of them with my 'jools' in them.  Now before any burglar hot foots it round to my house expecting to find anything of value I must disappoint them and say immediately that I have none and these are all my craft necklaces etc.  Some of them are made from fabric, some from beads, some from leather and all are nothing of value except my time!!

So having put off any potential burglary, now to box making.  The kit came from a new source and so I decided to start making mine before class and I also wanted some photos for my readers.  Just as well I did!
The Fabric Freedom fabric

First I read and re-read the instructions.  That is a first as I usually rush into things and then wonder how to make it.
These are the pieces for a two drawer 'cabinet'
The instructions said to line the drawer by gluing fabric in place. and gluing the outside fabric on with an overlap.  I have to say I ignored this and after a very light gluing, sewed my outer fabric to my lining with a small amount of wadding on the front.
All the lining glued in place, clothes pegs to assist sticking.

The drawers complete
Next I glued the drawer units together and added the back fabric with glue.
Clothes peg to give an indication of size.
Then I glued thin wadding to the top and sides and finally covered the drawer unit with fabric, stitching with ladder stitch front and back.
Button on the inside of the drawer
Nearly finished, but not an easy box to make and the instructions were poor.  I decided to make Dorset buttons for the drawer handle - and now to the tah  dah moment and a roll of drums please  ...........



  1. Your box of draws looks great, love all the photo shots. I have to say I have seen some of the 'jools' that are destined for the box and they are so pretty they deserve somewhere special

  2. The drawer box looks great. Well worth reading the (few) instructions for. Well done.

  3. Drawer box is great its my turn on Monday hope mind comes out as good