Monday, 28 July 2014


Some years ago I came upon an article in a local paper about an adventure club in my area, so I cut it out and thought about joining.

This had all come about because in 2005 I was in the office one day and a colleague, A, said that she was doing a parachute jump for charity, but had been let down by our Chief Executive who was going to do it with her.  I said "I will come and do it with you!"..  What had I said and what had I let myself in for?  My big mouth!!!  Well, it took over my life for a couple of months as we raised funds for our charity and after a medical to say I was sound in wind and limb (if not in mind) the day arrived in January 2006.  It was cold and a little foggy and we had to wait for the fog to lift, but our time was taken up with briefings and getting into our suits and harnesses.  A went first and I could here her shrieking with laughter as she came down and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Then it was my turn and surprisingly, I was not the least bit nervous.  My expert was strapped very tightly behind me and pushed me out of the plane.
 We freefalled for a few seconds (it seemed like minutes) and then the parachute opened and down we floated.
 Being taller than my expert I landed first, tried to take the weight of us both but my legs gave way and we became a heap on the ground, face down!!  However he got me turned over because A thought I was dead! 
We raised over £2,000 for charity and the adventure bug had bitten so I joined the 50+ Adventure Club and this has led to me doing some different activities that I had never done before. 

I went to the Lake District and did the Via Ferrata, which was by far the most frightening experience of my life as I was climbing a mountain face using thin ledges and giant staples, and when I looked down saw ant like cars below.  I am terrified of heights and though I was harnessed to a rope it was a struggle and I felt so elated when I had finished.  BUT I was helped the whole way with encouragement and the occasional push, by other members of the club and that is what our club is all about; friendship and help for the slowest and least able.

Since then I have taken part in white water rafting, both at Bala, North Wales and the Olympic course at Lee Valley, Segway - 

sailing - 
quad biking, 
I have abseiled down cliffs, canoed the River Nene, been gliding and microlighting, done Go Ape three times, been orienteering, cycling on my own bike and a tandem, had numerous walks all over our county and beyond, had BBQs and played games and last weekend we went on our annual canal boat trip with our 50+ Adventure Club picnic and stop at a pub on the river bank.  A grand day out!!

Next weekend we are taking part in another activity which none of us have done before but more of that next week so watch this space.

"We are an environmentally friendly club made entirely of recycled teenagers"!!


  1. No wonder people call you "batty" or maybe you didn't know that?!?!!
    The tale of you landing on your parachute jump does make me laugh! Thank You!
    You have certainly got up to some capers with your club

  2. Oh my goodness you have certainly made the most of 'life' and it's great that you have shared it with us. Maybe some if us should get off our butts and 'have a go'. Well done you ........even if you are a weeny bit "batty".