Monday, 7 July 2014

Bonjour le Tour!

Early morning found me in Cambridge for the third day of Le Tour de France. I had spent the previous night at my sons, with others who were camping in his garden, as the roads were closed early in the morning and we had a very convivial evening with the children sleeping under canvas as well.

We then walked into town and watched the entertainment on the stage and then back to find a space on the route to watch the spectacle.  

How is this driven??

First came the Sponsors Caravane (correct spelling in French!) and freebies were being flung out to the crowd.  

Many strange cars and vans of well known companies throwing out packets of sweets, frisbies, nylon bags and I had a packet of herb seeds!

Then there was about an hour and half to wait until the Peleton were due.  

But the time flew by as there were so many vehicles passing by.  French
Gendarme on motor bikes, all looking very fierce, whereas our police motor cyclists were doing 'high fives' along the road!!

Finally the riders arrived and were gone in a flash, but it was all worth waiting for and a morning never to be forgotten.

But I leave you with this picture - what is it?  Well go to this link and you will see what my clever son has done.

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  1. We have been watching all on T.V. And are thrilled that do many people turned out to watch, the atmosphere must have been great.