Friday, 18 July 2014

A lot to do

Well, the box is finished and done (see previous post) and will shortly be filled with some useless pieces of cheap 'jewellery' but which I think are stunning and now I have a lot of other projects on the go!!

I saw this delightful alphabet panel and immediately wanted to make bunting from it so after putting on backing, wadding and some ric rac it is destined for my youngest little great nephew. Should be fun and it is the first on my list 'To Do'.

It is smocking class next week and I am still working on my sampler.  It went with me on my Northumberland break and I never did a stitch and so I have been sewing every night to catch up.  I am finding it quite hard as there is a lot of accuracy required and that is not my forte at all. However maybe J, our teacher, will not notice!!  Some hopes!

I MUST finish off all the loose ends on my embroidery and put some beads into the last row of drawn thread work, as I want to get it framed before we start back in September.  You will say "You have the whole of August", but time just seems to slip by and it is still waiting to be finished.

Finally, I leave you with a puzzle. I recently bought this, but what is it for??  The answer will be forthcoming in a week or two.

Oh, and after a stifling hot day we have just had a spectacular thunderstorm and it is now raining which has brought the temperature down.  Brilliant.


  1. Mmmmmm that smocking is looking good. I know what the poly ring us for, but then I have insider information:). Yep! We also got the thunder storms, they were terrific weren't they?

  2. Temperature is great today...I would of do all sorts of things with that ring do want some idea's. Smocking really looking good.

  3. That bunting is so cute, your nephew will love it. I am impressed with the smocking. Needed to buy stringer glasses to do mine. The ring....... Mmmmm lots of ideas but can't spell most of them!