Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A very happy Christmas to you all

Yesterday I spent my last Tuesday looking after the grandchildren and as usual it was full on. We made a table decoration for Christmas Day, which has included spraying holly and ivy with silver paint - quite messy.  I then decided to take them out for a snack and coffee for me - that was a mistake because the traffic was appalling but eventually we made it to the garden centre where we had our snacks and then went to see the reindeer, which were quite small, I thought. But before we went out I saw the green woodpecker on the grass having a real go at something in the grass. He was there for at least ten minutes and then he flew away.

As we were having lunch I saw him again, but this time in the willow tree - 

I have been very busy making these litle fellas that I have turned into brooches for all the adults to wear at Christmas lunch. My son isn't sure about this but I shall be wearing my flashing Christmas tree brooch so we can all be 'tacky' together!!

Finally can I send everyone my very best wishes for Christmas and enjoy the festival wherever you are. Please can it be peaceful for everyone.

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