Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas is on the way .........

As usual I went to Cambridge last Tuesday to take the grandchildren to school and then the rest of the day was my own until I had to pick them up - or so I thought!! Phone call from my son that Ellie wasn't well and could I pick her up, which of course I did and took her home where she lay on the sofa under a blanket to keep warm and watched cartoons on the TV. Bless her, she did look pale and wan, but by 4.00 pm she had perked up a little and was ready for tea. Normally I give the children their tea and leave about 6.00 pm, but this week I left early to go to a "Living Advent Calendar"!

Organised by the local Rotary Club there are 24 venues around the town opening their doors at 6.15 pm. Tuesday evening was at my brother's office where I helped to serve mulled wine and mince pies and sweets were handed round. I did manage to imbibe a little mulled wine which was excellent and then at 6.15 pm the office door opened and out came the local vicar who read the poem "The Twelve Days of Turkey" which was very funny and which I haven't heard before. We then went across the way to the local hotel where there was a short and very humorous recital of singing and more readings and then the party broke up and buckets were rattled for our cash for charity. Really good fun and a different way to raise money. I got a copy of the programme and all the venues for the 24 days were schools, shops, churches of all faiths, the local theatre, the library, the fire station etc. A complete cross section of the town. Well done to the organisers.

Wednesday afternoon was our U3A's Christmas meeting and guess what - "The Twelve Days of Turkey" was read again. I was beginning to feel like the "11th day of Turkey"!! The mince pies were good though.

Finally, this morning it was crochet group and we were a small select band that met. Our teacher, J, is on holiday so we just nattered and crocheted, drank coffee and ate mince pies, including one that I found at the bottom of my handbag that my son gave me on Tuesday (wrapped up of course)!! I produced my te dah moment and here we go  ......  roll of drums  .........

My crocheted 'Christmas Wreath'
As you know (unless you are new to my blog) I am a real fan of Lucy at Attic24 and it is is her idea that I have adapted. I turned the Bower Bird into a Robin Redbreast and he has a cheeky little face with a 'beady' eye. The wreath is now hanging on my front door - no not the outside, because of the weather and it might get stolen, but on the inside.

I have decided that it must have a more permanent home after Christmas because I can't put it away until next year as so much work has gone into it.

I go to Poppy Patch for crochet group and the lovely Lesley and Carole are selling up at the end of December. I am so sad to see them go as I hope we have become good friends over the years. However there is always a sliver lining; they are selling stock at 25% cheaper, so I bought a bag pattern, some more fabric (as if I don't have enough) and a few bits and bobs. But these items have given me a few more ideas to have a go at in 2015, especially as Higham Piecemakers, my patchwork group, have an exhibition of work in September 2015 and will require items for the sales table and the cushion raffle. You simply cannot start early enough!!

Anyway I may go a little quiet as I am still making Christmas presents which cannot be shown obviously, as my family do read this blog from time to time, and my social life has slowed a little as well. Just Ellie's birthday party this weekend as she is 5 and is having a 'Frozen' party. When I asked if I had to wear anything special she didn't seem to think anything would fit me!!! I did suggest a blonde wig - "don't be silly Granny, just wear you own hair"!! Don't you love them!!


  1. The wreath is lovely ,we are all sad to see Lesley and Carol go but it will be wonderful for them to retire.Also they will not be far away and we may find that helpful if the group gets short of ideas.And on the good side we still have our lovely Jo. Don't be to long before you do the blog as we will miss you.

  2. Your wreath is fab Carol, and SO colourful!! Don't worry, you won't get away from me quite so easily. I plan to slip into a couple of classes (room or no room,) x

    1. We will find room I have no doubt and complete chaos will ensue!!