Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lunch, lunch, lunch ...

Yesterday was embroidery Christmas lunch and an all day sewing session. There were 10 of us and everyone was doing the same pattern; a piece of Jacobean work using our own embroidery silks. We managed to complete the Jacobean couching, followed by split stitch and chain stitch to pad out 'a leaf' before we started the satin stitch and then stem stitch, prior to sewing ermine stitch - phew!! Well I did cheat a little and didn't finish everything so there were different coloured threads hanging all over my work so I could get as much tuition in before we finish the class for Christmas. Still a great deal to do and certainly no picture at this time.

The next lunch is scheduled for Wednesday, with my niece and baby Will and on Thursday I do Ladies Who Lunch with my sister and sister in law and this will be our last before Christmas.

The weather is definitely getting colder and I am beginning to layer up. When I looked out of the kitchen window over the weekend I saw this stunning bush in the garden ...

Both my box balls were covered in hundreds of cobwebs with the dew on them and they looked stunning.  

On Sunday morning I received this photo from daughter in law in Cambridge and she entitled it "On the way to eat the spinach!!"
The Muntjac!!
As if I needed to be reminded that it was there. Very small but what a lot of damage it does in the vegetable patch!

Just a short post before a very busy 50+ Adventure Club weekend - a coach trip to London on Saturday that I am organising and our final activity of the year on Sunday - Indoor Bowls followed by Christmas lunch.  More lunch out and I will blog all about this in due course.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your embroidery when it's finished. It really is a busy time of year lunch lunch lunch, but just enjoy x