Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cooking and sewing

It has been a particularly busy week and I have just had a weekend with my sons, their wives and the grandchildren at my house, so I have been fitting in cooking with my normal activities in the 4th week of the month.

Do you remember this picture that I took a few weeks ago?

As you can see the middle pumpkin is the smallest of the trio and I could only just lift it. Well I staggered into the house with it, hoping I wouldn't fall over and squash it flat as that would have been a waste! I hacked the first slice out and decided that it must be like cutting a cake - when the first slice is out it gets easier after that - and it was.

I made some delicious soup that was two recipes put together and a pumpkin pie that was very, very tasty. I am old fashioned enough that I made my own sweet short crust pastry, but it is a whiz in the food processor, and after chilling, rolling and lining the pie tin I baked it blind BUT I forgot to take a photo and it is all gone now!

But here is the soup with a swirl of single cream and a nice piece of ciabatta:-

Friday was Smocking Class and we finished off our smocked crackers and I started a new piece of work.
I love this little cracker.
The string is for hanging it on the tree.
Not quite finished but well on the way
Here is my Christmas wreath from Attic 24 and I love it. Crocheting the flowers etc are so compulsive and I spend hours making them and not wanting to go to bed.  Can you see the Robin in the centre and he has a red breast!

Tomorrow I have a full day of embroidery with a Christmas lunch in the middle. I have to take a 10 inch embroidery hoop and my embroidery silks.  Everything else provided so I can't wait to see what we are going to make.

Have a good week and I feel a little smug as all my Christmas shopping is finished, half the presents have been wrapped and I still have to write my cards, but I seem to be on top of things.

I have been asked to provide a table decoration for Christmas Day, which is not my favourite thing to make. However I had a brainwave because as I am looking after two grandchildren on 23 December as parents are working, I am going get them to help me. I will provide candles, ribbon and gold and silver spray and we can cut green foliage in the garden to be sprayed by them. There are some fir cones in the shed so these can also be used. Should be messy and fun.  Must start planning it this week.


  1. That soup looks really yummy and must have been so tasty. Your Chrustmas deco's are great and the plans for the home made table centre sounds wonderful and so much fun I wish I could join you.

  2. Yes, but your Christmas will be warmer I guess, Have a good time.

  3. You should have grea fun making the table dec . Your wreath looks great, you could always crochet something like that for the table?!? I love pumpkin soup, would pass on the pumpkin pie.