Wednesday, 19 November 2014

History and Sales and Angels

It is a few days since I posted anything because it is the third week of the month which is always busy for me. This is because it is U3A week and I go to the main meeting of the branch, followed by the History group meeting the next afternoon. The History Group has had a traumatic summer as our Leader, R, was asked to meet the committee, following a complaint by a member. It transpired that the member did not like the dates of the visits that we would be making in 2015, as she had other things to do on those days!! I went with R, as I am Deputy Leader and Treasurer, and was privy to everything that took place over the summer months. Well, the upshot of these meetings was that R, who is a very honourable man and a great Group Leader, could take no more interference and has resigned from the History Group and the branch U3A. I would have gone with him, but I didn't feel able to leave the group in the lurch so I am staying until February 2015, when I too will leave the branch.

These last few weeks have meant that I have had to take on R's very substantial group workload and form a Steering Group to take the History Group forward. (Sorry a lot of 'groups' in that last sentence but no other word will do!) Some superb people have volunteered, but it has still meant a lot of work to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. I think that they will survive, but I was told today that some people will be leaving the group without R at the helm, which I think is a great shame.

Well enough about History Group, as I am also Group Leader of Handicrafts and we had a sales table at the branch meeting today. Over the weekend I made these two little bags:-

I bought the fabric from a well known department store's remnant box in their fabric department and the bag is made from a full width of the fabric.  The blue fabric was wider than the stripes hence it is bigger.  It only took me an afternoon to make these two as I didn't use the strips and just did a couple of rows of quilting on each bag to hold the layers together. Magnetic clips for the fastener and a pretty button on top and there you have two lovely presents.

I also crotcheted these two bags earlier in the year and thought I would put them on the sales table as well.

None of these items sold today, because I will not put them into a sale for ridiculously small amounts. I need to cover the cost of my materials and people where I live are not prepared to pay for them. I will not compromise. So there you are.

Just enough time to finish this post and then I am off to the St Mary's Church where L and I are putting up 'Angels' for their Angel Festival this coming weekend. I hope that I am not expected to climb a ladder, though I am sure Mr T will be there to assist us!!  It is all part of the Higham Ferrers Christmas Sparkle Weekend.  I will try and take some photos of the angels, to show you.


  1. Glad that you are not selling cheap. It devalues the work that we do. It's a shame about the history group, a real shame to loose a good leader.

  2. And those angels will look great!!