Saturday, 15 November 2014

Unraveling .....

Before I expand on my title, I have to show you these photos that I took the other day - decide whether it was morning or evening.

Morning or evening?
Of course it was in the early morning - a brilliant red sky and this photo does not do it justice and it was over so quickly. Mind you I am mindful of the little ditty that even my grandchildren know:

"Red sky at night, shepherds delight
Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning"

Actually the weather was not too bad and this sunrise gave me immense pleasure.

Friday morning was Crotchet Class and it was a deluge of rain as we all arrived. The group is getting bigger and bigger and J did not seem to stop; advising and helping everyone. Do you remember this from August?

Well I decided to make further items for the wreath which has been on the back burner lately as I was making my crocheted woolly blanket (still a work in progress). It took me all morning to make another flower and then lo and behold as I sorted out my work when I got home, I unraveled the outside of the flower, so it is looking a little woebegone without its accentuating row.  

But as usual I cheered up when I saw this selection of wool's that I brought home from the class.

What is so different about these are that they are carpet wool and originally came in cones of 250gm from Yarndale.  Some of us wound the wool down into 50gm balls and I am going to make a duffel bag in the New Year. Should be interesting to work with as there is no 'give' in the wool.

I have a very interesting crochet project going round in my mind and J did not seem to think it was a completely mad idea, so something else for the New Year.  

Do you see a pattern in all this? By mentioning it on my blog it means I have to start them to show you as I don't want you to think that I am complete windbag!!!


  1. Never a windbag Carol! You get through loads of projects. The wreath is coming on great!

  2. Love your photo's The wreath is looking great. Windbag never never ever you Carol .

  3. Windbag...I don't think so. You have made loads of really great projects and I look forward to seeing your new idea in the new year