Monday, 10 November 2014

Wonderful walking

At last I have been able to go walking again, as for one reason or another I couldn't go for some weeks. The weather was glorious and we set off at a cracking pace and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up, but it did slow down after a while.

We saw this family of cygnets with a parent and have been following their progress ever since we saw them as newly hatched babies. Difficult to see on the photo but there are six young and one parent. Walking past anther lake we saw these wildfowl: not particularly exciting but with my new camera and its powerful zoom I can get better pictures.
A pair of Wigeon
A Great Crested Grebe
After a while we had to strip off our jackets and jumpers as we were very hot and short sleeves were the order of the day.

Easy walking on the paths at Stanwick Lakes but we went over the river on a very slippery bridge and walked beside it. We all ducked when a huge flock of Canada Geese flew over making a great deal of noise, calling to one another, as they came in to land. We couldn't see them on the ground but we could hear them.

As we were doing our stretches at the end (we do them at the beginning as well) it was decided that we should Nordic Walk the Waendel Walk next year and take part in the 42km (26 mile) walk so training will have to commence soon!! There is no way that I can walk that distance in a day without some training; quite daunting but very 'doable'. So now I have a goal for next year and fitness will have to be my New Year resolution.

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