Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another angel.......!!

Over the years I have sewn many techniques. One of the first pieces that I made by hand was this and I was so proud of it that I had it framed!
Stained glass stitched window
A couple of years ago Higham Piecemakers had a workshop with Gail Lawther and I made this cottage. I love Clarice Cliff pottery and this is the nearest that I shall get to owning a piece, so this stained glass patchwork is a favourite.
Clarice Cliff cottage - designed by Gail Lawther
Recently I was very lucky to be given a gift voucher for Bay Tree Cottage and after I looked at their courses, the one that sprung out instantly was a Stained Glass Workshop with real glass, so that was where I was yesterday!!

Oh it was such fun and how I struggled!  My friends know that I work quite quickly when I am sewing (it sometimes takes a while to get going as I do a lot of pondering!) but once started I want to finish. Well, with stained glass you have to go slowly - cutting the glass, putting on the copper strip and soldering the final decoration.

So, here is what we did with the very patient Anna.  First we had to learn the tools -
L to r - groziers, the cutter, cut runner pliers
The first piece of glass was tried -

then I cut up some more, mostly very badly as I had to cut the straight line by eye, with the cutter. Some of my first efforts shattered and eventually I used a pistol grip cutter which was easier. Once we had cut the glass we had to break it on the line using the cut runner pliers, followed by the groziers to tidy the edges. So far so good.

Next we stuck on the copper foil which was reasonably straightforward, ensuring that it was evenly placed.
Bit of a wobbly cut line down one side!!
Then on to soldering, which involved using different pots of this and that before putting a very small piece of solder on the copper foil and drawing it slowly down the sides and edges.
Finished, off centre Christmas Tree!

First practice piece finished and then we could decide what to make next. Meanwhile coffee and cake had arrived so a short break for that.
My 3-d Christmas angel cut and waiting to be soldered

A star waiting to be soldered
... and then it was lunchtime and we had a delicious spicy vegetable soup with Turkish flatbread (I had second helpings!) followed by a mincemeat Bakewell Tart (with home-made mincemeat) and cream. I was full up. But back to our soldering after lunch.
Finished star and Christmas tree with a lopsided bauble!
The glass tip broke on my bauble so that is why it is a little lopsided. We were nearly at the end of the course and our efforts were put on display before we attached wire hangers .
Beautiful stained glass Christmas tree decorations
But here comes the 'te dah' moment and I have fallen in love with this little lady -

All my own work
I love her!!
It was a brilliant day making real stained glass ornaments and I think another tick off the imaginary "Bucket List". Thank you Bay Tree Cottage for a lovely day and also to the giver of the gift voucher.

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  1. Well, impressive Carol. That looks as though you had a great day and the end product is really good. Well done you. x