Friday, 21 November 2014

Angels, angels, angels

Angels of every shape, size, material, male and female have descended on St Mary's Church, Higham Ferrers this weekend and I went along to take some photos for this blog.  I didn't expect that there would be 68, yes 68, different angels and they were all so good and so much work had gone into them.

I took photos of them all but I cannot show them all to you, but here is a selection.  (Don't forget to double click on the picture for a better view)
'Angel Cake' by Cupalicious
Cupalicious makes beautiful cakes for all occasions and her Mum is in my patchwork group!!  Had to get the plug in.
'Cheeky Cherubs' by Tiny Tots Nursery
'Handy Andy' by the Holy Handymen of the church
'The Inspiring Angel' by the Women's Institute
'Angelina - The Architectural Angel' - Sidey Design
'WW1 Angel of Mercy' - The Breakaway Club
'Every Child's Angel'  Save the Children charity

'Arkey Angel'-   Higham Ferrers Archaeology & Research Society
If you remember I posted about going on an archaeological dig with this group so they had to be included
'Dana - Angel of Learning' Higham & Rushden U3A
'Angel in Yellow' - Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Rushden branch)
Typographic Angel'
'Flower Angel' - Church Flower Arrangers
 My friend, E, made this one for the flower arrangers.  Isn't she lovely?  The angel I mean!
'Sew Celestial' by The Piecemakers
... and another photo from the other side!
Do you remember my angel that I made - well she is right in the middle and I didn't put her up so it is nothing to do with me!!

I had to include the next angel as 'he' was born in the town in about 1364 .....
'The Higham Messenger' (Archbishop Chichele) - The Chichele Society
'Our Angels' - Higham Ferrers Junior School
'Snow Angel' - Henry Chichele School
'Angelina' - The church choir
'Angels of the World' - the front of the altar
This altar cloth was made by one of our patchwork group.  It was stunning and my photo does not do it justice.
'Guardian Angel in bronze'
'Garden Angels'
'The Arc Angel' - St Mary's bell ringers
So many angels and I apologise that I couldn't show them all.

Tomorrow my fingers are crossed, as I am doing a very special workshop and I hope nothing goes wrong as I am so excited about it.  I will "Tell all" and show pictures on Sunday.  Doesn't everything happen at once and as we say in this country "Just like London buses - nothing for ages and then they all come along together!!!!"


  1. All of the Angles are lovely, and we shouldn't forget the Angels that did all of the hard work of putting up the displays. X

    1. Mr T was a brick hanging HP's work and really struggled when the strings got muddled!! Well done him.