Saturday, 1 November 2014

Spooky goings on etc .....

Apologies to my readers for the delay in writing a new blog and I have to say you are all lovely people for waiting!  This week has been particularly busy as I have had half term duties with my two Cambridge grandchildren and the normal weekly goings on which can be quite boring to write about.

However let me return to the two children; they arrived on Sunday evening for 'two sleeps' (see previous post) and though they hadn't slept much the evening before after Matt's birthday party, they still got up early on Monday morning.  I struggled out of bed and got going with breakfast which they always enjoy as I buy 'Variety' packs of cereals and they can choose what they want.  This is a treat!  Off to Stanwick Lakes to let off some steam with the strict instructions from me, that if they fall in the water they will sit in the boot of the car on the way home!!!

A great deal of rushing up to the top of the slide and then down they come.  Ellie loved this while B tried this out with the inevitable results -
No he didn't fall in, but wellies were full of water!
Next day we went to Irchester Country Park which has no water but has a very large sand pit, so wellies were full of sand this time!!

Wednesday morning saw me at Embroidery Class where I completed these two decorations and started a new one using Silk Dupion.

About 1" inch square (2.5cm)
Just a few French knots at present but a work in progress!!
Friday was Smocking Class and the lovely J had us all making smocked Christmas crackers and we have homework to do before the next lesson - she is such a slave driver!!!!
Definitely a work in progress
I really enjoy doing this craft and if anyone out there has a machine they don't want or knows of one please let me know with a comment below.

Last night saw me at Burghley House for one of their Spooky Tours on Halloween.  As we (the 50+ Adventure Club) didn't start the tour until 9.30pm it was very dark with a few candles about the place, ghouls and ghosties jumping out at us whenever we turned a corner and we went into places not normally open to the public.  The cellars were particularly spooky and at one time the lights went out completely so we were in darkness - scary!!  Lots of screams (not from us), doors banging, ghostly music playing and a very ghoulish looking compere for the tour!  I have never visited this stately home in daylight so it has whetted my appetite to go back, but not at night.  They even have deer which were grazing close to the house and could be seen in the moonlight.

A great evening.

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