Sunday, 26 October 2014

50th on his 40th

Yesterday was the 40th birthday party of my younger son, Matt. Not his actual birthday because that is next Sunday and he will be in New York running his 50th marathon on his 40th birthday. Quite a milestone and I am so proud.

He had this wonderful birthday cake and everyone loved the lifelike trainers with their shoe laces. They were very heavy when we took them off the cake to cut it. We hardly saw any of the children, except for food from time to time, because there was a bouncy castle which they were on for most of the day. What a wonderful way of getting rid of energy!!

I am expecting Matt's two children later today for "two sleeps" with Granny and "I shall be bringing a shoe box to make an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Granny, so can we do crafts to put in it"!! Not quite sure what my grandson has in mind, but they like playing with my beads and buttons so we will be able to make something to go in it. After half term he has an Egyptian day at school and I have made him a braided headband complete with a pigtail, because young Egyptian boys had one which was cut off when they reached puberty. I am also going to help out in class as well.

Should be fun and I will report back in due course.

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  1. Great cake, and what lucky grandchildren to have a crafty granny like you, I am sure you will all have fun.