Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Something a little different?

Last weekend was free, I couldn't be bothered to cut the grass, so instead I got down to being 'crafty'.  I finished the king size quilt - it took me two whole evenings to hem the binding - and I completed my smocking sampler cushion. A white on white pattern on the front, with a thin blue band to accentuate the panel, and a lovely silvery back. I am very pleased with it. Hope teacher approves; maybe I ought to take her an apple to the next class just in case!!

However in my last post, I did promise to show you something very crafty,with no sewing that I suppose is slightly out of my normal sphere of making things. Anyway here goes.
Cheap and cheerful children's books bought at charity shops.
You need a paperback book with no more than 100 pages. I found children's books were about right, but thin adult ones will do.  If books have more than 100 pages rip out the extra pages at the end.

Taking photos with one hand!!
Fold each page in half and with a blunt knife make a good crease.

Fold in the top corner and again make a good crease.

Fold in the bottom corner, again making a good crease and repeat this for all the pages. You will need to try and flatten the spine of the book as you go. When you have finished doing all the pages, trim the front and back covers to the shape that you now have and glue the front and back pages to the covers.

Can you see what we have now??

The "ta dah" moment ......

Wait for it ..........

Add a tail made of brown felt....

Glue on some googly eyes and a bit of black felt for the nose ...........

I think the eyes are a little small but they were all I had

and you have a hedgehog!!!!

This is an ideal project for children because the knife is blunt and though it gets a little hard to fold at the end, they have something tangible quite quickly.

This is not my idea and I have to thank a very kind stallholder at a craft fair I went to In Matlock Bath the other weekend.  She did admit that she was doing herself out of sales but how generous to show me.  Thank you


  1. Love the smocking and glad you have used it for a practical purpose. A hedgehog, how cute

  2. Wonderful hedgehog got me thinking........Cushion looks good so what's next as you are catching up?....Enjoy Sunday bring back some new idea's
    I am on holiday next week but will be taking my knitting and crochet