Friday, 17 October 2014

Good to get some fresh air!

I haven't been Nordic walking for a few weeks because of either poor weather - I won't walk if it is raining at the start - or other things getting in the way.  However I had arranged to go out walking from Woodford Mill and what great weather it was after all the rain we have had.
Woodford Mill Tea Rooms for afterwards
 We all knew it would be muddy after all the rain, but this was the worst part at the beginning.
Rows and rows of plastic wrapped hay or silage and big puddles
Then the sun came out an we started getting hot!  The countryside looked great and it was so quiet, even with us there!!
The church at Woodford
River Nene through the trees
We stopped off at Woodford church and looked at some of its history.
Wooden effigies of Sir William Trailly and his wife dated from 1290
An embalmed heart!!
The embalmed heart is inset high up in a pillar and there have been reports of ghosts, but it is thought to be the heart of Roger de Kirketon, who died in 1280 and was buried in Norfolk and his heart brought back to Woodford.  It was discovered by workman repairing the church in 1866!!  Anyway, it was unusual to see.
Denford church
Poor Pooh and Tigger!!
I saw these two being used as fenders on a moored narrow boat and felt they may have been once loved toys!!  Pooh was in a worst condition than Tigger.

We crossed the old railway bridge but not before having a chat to these four very friendly lambs.  We decided that they must have been hand reared because we could touch them and they did not run away.  Not sure what breed the black and white ones are, but I loved the mottled colour of their wool!!

A lovely October walk and I am hoping to get a few more in before the weather changes.


  1. That walk from Ringstead to Denford used to be a regular route of mine. Such a pretty stretch.

  2. That walk looks lovely. Pooh and Tigger are so loyal to hang around.

  3. How interesting! I loved following you on your walk, thanks for the post :)

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Esther. We have some beautiful villages around this part of our county.

  5. Feel quite worried -knowing your addiction to wool-were you eyeing the sheep up with the idea of shearing and spinning your own. The sheep should have cleared off while they had the chance!!!!