Friday, 10 October 2014

The quilt!!

I mentioned that I have now completed my son's king size bed quilt and I am pleased that he and his wife love it.

The pattern is by Anne Williams in the May 2014 Popular Patchwork but I adapted it from her size to king size and I had to 'quilt as you go'. There are also two plain panels at the side as I ran out of colours.

All the fabrics were from Oakshott Fabrics and my daughter in law chose her main colours of 'Mallow' and 'White Sand' from the Colourshott range. I also chose 'Lilypad' because I needed a contrast.  

I made up about 200 rectangles using these main colours and others colours from the same range that I bought as a 10 inch pack. I sewed the rectangles into strips and then these were sewn together. I ran out of 'White Sand' fabric and decided to use just 'Lilypad' and 'Mallow' on the drop at the bottom of the bed. I realised from the start that I would need to quilt a quarter at a time to be more manageable and then I sewed two quarters together and finally the two halves.  

Hope you are with me so far!!

The long panels at the side were plain 'Mallow' that I quilted before sewing to the finished top and then it was bound and I spent two nights hemming the binding!!

Here is the finished quilt.

M and A love their quilt and are looking forward to the colder nights, when they will be lovely and snuggly under it.  


  1. Wow, looks great and you made it in double time.....do you ever sleep or have you employed the sewing fairies.

  2. Wow! It looks great, well done for finishing it so promptly. It is a big one!!!