Wednesday, 22 October 2014

First thoughts of Christmas .....

After the last visit of my grandchildren this little chap was in need of some TLC. His body had come apart from his legs and all his insides could have spilled onto the floor! Yes he has rice inside him for weight.
A little poorly and needs TLC
So after a little First Aid of the doll type he was soon restored as good as new and quite happy to be sitting on the edge of these cushions viewing everything that was going on. However it did beggar the question - how long ago did we make these in a workshop? My sons say he looks like a malevolent gnome, but I think he is rather sweet just sitting around!!

Feeling better now and good as new!
I have also made another one of these and they are so easy to make.

They make useful letter holders.
Finally a slight panic as I was told that our "Angels" had to be finished by this week so after really concentrating I managed to finish this little lady that I have dubbed a 'fallen angel' as she has rouged cheeks, blonde hair, silver wings and a very shocking pink net petticoat!

The petticoat peeping out
She still needs to have her mouth put on but I don't have a red fabric pencil so that comes later.

All the angels my patchwork group have made will be displayed in St Mary's Church in Higham Ferrers at the Angel Festival at the end of November. Some will then be sold but I want to keep mine.


  1. That Elf is MANY years old!

    Love your angel!

  2. Love both the Elf and the Angel....you might have to keep an eye on them if 'she' is as you say, a fallen Angel, you never know what they will get up to'

  3. Angel is great we should have a wonder display(Elf is very old think it was one of the first projects I did)