Saturday, 24 January 2015

A 'fairy' tale with a happy ending ....

Let me tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin!

Once upon a time there was a patchwork group called Higham Piecemakers and every year they had a Christmas Challenge. Each year the 'leader fairies' of the group set the challenge and after a while they had the idea of getting others involved in this, so when all the 'worker fairies' in the group opened their Christmas Challenge package, one person had a note to say "You are the chosen one!" What did this mean was the cry: money to be inherited - don't be silly, trip to a quilt show all expenses paid - don't be silly!! "You will choose the subject of next year's Christmas challenge."

Well the lucky 'worker fairy' to get this challenge was called 'Once upon a thimble' and she decided that the group needed a banner wall hanging that reflected everyone's personalities. Each 'fairy' had to make an A4 size block that would then be sewn together, with a banner, for display at exhibitions. All those who contributed had their photograph taken and this was sewn on the back of their block. The finished wall hanging was displayed at that great 'Castle in the Midlands', the Festival of Quilts, where the judges were very kind in their remarks, but no prize was awarded. The 'fairies' were disappointed but accepted that they should do better next time and the wall hanging was shown at the next Higham Piecemakers Exhibition.

BUT, dear readers, there was a wicked witch at work and one day the wall hanging disappeared from its resting place in the deep dark cave or store room, never to be seen again. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth among the 'fairies', but they eventually accepted their lot in life and went about their daily drudge!

The story so far, happened four years ago. However unbeknownst to the group they had a good fairy behind them because lo and behold two months ago the quilt, still in its brown bag, appeared in the deep dark cave. There was much rejoicing from all the 'fairies' that their work had been found because of the memories it brought back of members of the group no longer with them.

So after an airing the wall hanging is to be displayed at the Higham Piecemakers Exhibition in September and of course ...

they all lived happily ever after and only the quilt knows where it lived for those missing years!!


  1. So good to see the quilt back in its rightful place. Do you think the group needs some fairy guards to look after such a treasure in the future?? . .... 😊

  2. Its all true but you have made it into a wonderful story.......Pity we can not find it a good safe home.Some fairy castle perhaps

  3. great to see the Group Quilt turn up at last!! It dos not look any worse for wear.

  4. Well done Carol. What a lovely fairy story and in keeping it ended happily ever after. The quilt looks great. X