Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fun at the seaside .....

Happy New Year to everyone and I am back from my birthday/New Year break and what fun I had.

On my birthday we went to Camber Sands having stoked up on bacon butties and hot chocolate at the local farm shop beforehand.  Both the girls (aged 5 and nearly 4) devoured a whole butty each and obviously enjoyed them.  Then onto the beach via the sand dunes and it was very windy but not too cold  ...
The sea was a long way out!
and we shared the beach with others including dog walkers  ....
Horses enjoying the exercise
and those on horse back and there were a lot of these!  Further away we could see the para-surfers and land surfers, though we didn't get close enough to see what they were on.
Land surfing
We 'paddled' in the sea...!!

...  and flew the kite  ..

..before it crashed to the ground with all its strings tangled up and I spent the afternoon untangling them!!
Funny little summerhouse i a garden of driftwood
The next day we only had a new short walk in a local forest where it was very muddy under foot, but a mild afternoon.

Easy going underfoot
Very muddy
I am now back home raring to get going with all my different projects that I have going round in my mind.  Oh and by the way, I have made no New Year resolutions as they always seem to get broken but I have decided to get a little fitter and go out on my bike more, but not today as it is pouring with rain!!  That is a good start to the 2015.


  1. I love being by the sea -- whatever the weather

    1. The beach is packed in the summer as it is beautiful sand.