Wednesday, 21 January 2015


As you will know if you follow this blog regularly, I have been crocheting a blanket and as it has got bigger it keeps my poor old legs lovely and warm.  I don't know where the draughts come from in the winter but my feet and legs feel them.

However it has got me thinking about the lovely blanket that I have used in the past and has so many memories for me.

When I was young my Mother crocheted and she obviously loved it.  I remember her making white cotton lacy baskets, with a handle, that she then soaked in a sugar solution to make them stiff.  With a small glass in they made lovely little flower vases.  I have no idea who got her into doing this but she did get an order from Harrods, who wanted dozens of them, so much so that she gave up in the end as she couldn't cope with the demand!!

My abiding memory though is of her large wicker basket, once used as a baby basket, filled with wool of all colours and her crocheted Granny squares.  She was joining them into a blanket, when she had time, so it was always a work in progress.

Unfortunately, she died when I was in my early twenties and shortly before I was about to produce her first grandchild, so at the time I was not really interested in anything crafty. When I did eventually take an interest the family home had long been sold and everything disposed of.  Imagine my surprise and delight, when I happened to mention to my brother and sister, that I regretted not having the blanket that Mother had made and my brother said it was in his attic!!

So here it is and keeping my old bones warm:-
Each square is 3" (7.5cm)
Close up of the squares
It measures about 5 foot x 3 foot (153cm x 92cm) and I do remember Mother saying that every square was different.  What I do not understand is how it was finished, as it was always different shapes as she worked on it and the only conclusion I have, is that Mother must have finished it during her last months of illness.

There are one or two small moth holes, but considering that this would have been made in the 1950/60s it is wonderful and a very treasured blanket, that I love.  I wonder if my work will be wanted as badly by my family??

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  1. Oh Carol how lovely that you have found a treasure from your Mum....very special and now you know just how much work went into it. In the early 80's when we left for South Africa, I crochet a lot of my friends the baskets that your dear Mum made and sold. Happy memories x x