Saturday, 10 January 2015


What is this all about?

Well I have received an email from my niece who has 36, YES 36, of these to sew onto a duvet cover and pillow case and she is no seamstress; could I help?  She had spent a whole evening sewing on one on her ancient machine. I agreed with the proviso, that boredom would probably set in, so it would take about a week and I have sewed on 18 so far.

Machined blanket stitch
I have the concentration of a gnat when it comes to this sort of project and I can only do about 6 at a time and of course the duvet is completely unmanageable when rabbits have to be sewn on at the very bottom of it and I have to prevent sewing the back as well!! It is a wrestling match, but luckily the shape is quite simple.

Anyway, I have been working quite hard on my blanket and it keeps me very warm as it is getting longer - 

I have used Attic 24's Ripple Blanket yarn pack but Little Woolie's CAL pattern. I am now coming to end of the yarns and must keep some back for the binding, so by necessity it may not be the full length as I don't want to buy more. Blocking this will be quite interesting and I think I my need help from J at Crochet Group.

At Higham Piecemakers group on Wednesday, I concentrated on my smocking Christmas bauble and it was quite slow going because I hadn't worked on it for a few weeks. Thanks to L who helped me 'split' the embroidery thread to raise the centre line of beads - I had forgotten how to do it!!

Finally, embroidery class starts next week and must do some more of this Jacobean sampler before then. I have done some Ermine Stitch but I am not sure if it is right, so no more until 'teacher' has seen it.

For a bit of light relief the 50+ Adventure Club have their first activity of 2015 tonight; our Barn Dance where we always get a good turnout and the bands love coming to us as we start dancing from the very beginning and the dance floor can get very crowded. So YeeHah and bring on the fish and chips at the break. A good social evening's entertainment.

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  1. Goodness you have been busy. Looking forward to seeing that blanket......what's next on the crochet front???? Smocking is looking good and will definitely be ready for Christmas. Enjoy your Barn Dance