Friday, 18 September 2015

A free weekend , yippeeeeeee!!

I cannot believe it but I have a completely free weekend, including today, and already it is lunchtime with very little to show for it!  However this has been a busy week (when are they not) and I am glad of going a little slower because the following weekend will be full on. 

Anyway, as promised, an update on Mud and Mayhem last weekend.  On our arrival we were divided into two groups (very important for later on) and the first activity was blindfold driving.  Not only that but there was reverse steering so when we turned left it went right.
The start
The steering wheel was on the left and the instructor sat on the right controlling the clutch and accelerator.  Navigators sat in the back and shouted instructions for turning the steering wheel, but they were not allowed to say 'left' or 'right' so we each had our own code.  I found this worked well for me until the end - only 5 minutes per driver - when I was steering back to the start and was allowed to take my blindfold off and could not steer at all!  I completely lost it and needed help steering.

Next was 4x4 driving.  Certain rules - thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel and no crossing arms when steering because if the wheel turned suddenly thumbs and/or arms could get broken!!!!!!!!!!  What a good start.  I engaged first gear and took off the handbrake and was told to clamp that foot to the floor as only the accelerator and 1st gear were used.  Up the hill with foot down and all I could see was the sky, then foot off as the vehicle went over the top and "do not steer as the 4x4 knows how to go down the hill, oh and you can breathe now" says the instructor!!  I knew the final hill had a corner at the top but it was still scary as I didn't want to roll down the slope on the other side.

We were all marked and a male club member in the vehicle with me was only marked 5 out of 10.and I got 9 out of 10 and felt on top of the world. 

Next was quad bikes on a very rutted track.
Not me as I took the photos
I have enjoyed quad bikes more at another venue where it was flat and we could open them up.

A good day and my team won, though we don't know how it was scored and we got a real bottle of champagne, which in keeping with our friendly club, we shared with the other team.

I have finished my Road Trip Scarf and am really pleased with it and it keeps my awful old neck warm.

The photo does not do justice to the colour which is more shades of purple
Having been envious of friends with work rooms I have decided to take the plunge and turn my little third bedroom into one.  When I say little it is only 9' square, so space will be at a premium especially as my grandson got upset that he could not come and stay as the bed will disappear.  I will have a put-u-up instead so he is now happy.  However I think there will a ripple effect as the 'stuff' that is currently stored there will have to go elsewhere so some clearing out will take place.  I will try and remember to take before and after photos. 

I have decided to start next month as I do not have any time at present as I have my Mini Mania Log Cabin to finish and then we have

Higham Piecemakers Biennial Exhibition 
next weekend 26/27 September at the Bede House in Higham Ferrers. 
Busy, busy, busy.

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  1. Oh Carol that muck and mayhem day must have been so much fun and exciting...bet your heart rate went up a bit. Congrats on your score 9 out of 10 deserves a round of applause 👏👏👏. Love your scarf/shawl and can't wait to see your sewing room.