Thursday, 24 September 2015


I am juggling so many balls at the moment that I feel that the whole lot will come down on top of me!!

Firstly I have started to clear out the very small third bedroom to turn it into my workroom that has involved a great deal of searching the 'net' to get ideas and ensure that I get the best possible price.  My first purchases have been a Z-bed and a small two door cupboard.  The Z-bed only needed castors fitting and I was able to wheel it out of the way.  I must point out that I am not a novice when putting flat pack together and the cupboard was slightly more problematic and everything was going brilliantly until I put the doors on.  When closed they overlapped so back to the instructions to see what to do - undo some screws.  OK, one door sorted but the other one fell off and after an hour trying to get it back on, I GAVE UP!!!  And that is how it has remained; one door on and one door off; but in the meantime the suppliers have sent some more hinges, I have put my cordless screwdriver on a charge and as soon as I get a moment I will have another go!!

Two 'before' photos -
The quilt is now stored and the toys put to one side
The shelves have been cleared and this furniture will be broken up-
 In the meantime I have been getting 'stuff' together for the Exhibition (see last week's blog)

When you realise how much has been made in the last two years, it is actually quite a lot.

I have baked a carrot cake for the Refreshments and am about to make an Orange cake as I have a little time to spare.
The carrot cake needs to be iced with cream cheese
Oh and finally a sneak peek of the 'Mini Mania Log cabin quilt' that I finished during the week and will be needed to show next week.
The green square is a quarter inch square
Now can I lie down  in a darkened room until Saturday morning when I will be taking the admission money for the Exhibition?  Let's hope that I take lots as everything made will go to charity.  I can't of course, as I have smocking class in the morning

See you at the Exhibition!!!


  1. My heads spinning too! Think that your Log Cabin Mini should sneak in to join the others at the weekend...

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work room when it's finished ( shame about the cupboard). Love the sneak peek of the mini, not long now and we will be able to see it all. Sorry I won't be at the exhibition, but Yorkshire called X