Friday, 11 September 2015

A sneak peek and other things

Is it Friday already and another week gone?   Am I the only person wondering where a large part of 2015 has gone.  My youngest grandchild started school today and I received a delightful photo of her looking very grown up in her uniform and because of this her Mummy and Daddy are moving her bedroom around to make it a 'big girl's room", so out with the small bed and in with a new divan.  Must check if she has a quilt for it as I can't remember!!

Yesterday I had to go to Cambridge to look after the children and as I walked to school to pick them up at 3.30pm I decided to pick some of these from a tree that is on the way.  It is laden and nobody bothers to pick them -
Their common name is 'Dog's Bottoms' as my grandson remembered!
Yes,  they are Medlars and I must have picked about 3kgs as the bag was very heavy.  I have put them into a bowl to 'blet'.  I probably should have left them a little longer but I didn't know when I would get another chance to pick them.

I have succumbed to the Mini Mania challenge that some friends are doing and you will find information through this blog.

Here is a sneak peek -

Needle packet to give indication of size

I will tell you that the centre square is finished at ¼" and I am hoping that the finished squares will be 2" finished.  No more than this at the moment.

But I have a finished item - YAAAAY!

I worked the last few rows of my toe to top socks last night and though they were very difficult to make I am pleased with the finished result and they fit beautifully.  So here is the TAH DAH moment -

The photograph makes my legs look fatter than they are!!

Tomorrow it is 'Mud and Mayhem with the 50+ Adventure Club and I am desperate to drive a Hovercraft!!

I will definitely let you know how it went....


  1. Glad to see that you have been lured into MiniMania! Love the socks, and very interested to see the results of your bleting . Have a great Muddy day !

  2. I have never heard of medlars, what are they used for....jams, pickles, chutneys???? Glad you gave joined in with the Mini Mania Challenge, have to say I seem to learn something new with each challenge. Socks are great, and if we have a cold winter it might be worth making more as they are so cosy.